The Bay Area Association of Black Social Workers(BA-ABSW)
  is comprised of dedicated people of Afrikan ancestry who are 
 committed to the development, healing and nurturing of the 
Afrikan community in the Oakland Bay Area.

Our Purpose
BA-ABSW is formed for the purpose of providing a structure and
forum through which both social workers and community 
members of Afrikan ancestry in related fields of human service 
can exchange ideas, offer services and develop programs in the
interest of the Afrikan ancestry community.

Our Objective
To initiate, support, develop and/or sponsor community 
welfare projects and programs, which will serve the interest of the 
Afrikan ancestry community.
To effect positive changes in the educational practices and policies of
Graduate Schools of Social Work; to encourage and foster professional social 
work training for people of Afrikan ancestry.
To maintain direct contact with the most needful segment of the Afrikan 
ancestry community to insure continued understanding 
of their concerns and needs.
To advocate for and engage in the activities of social planning and social 
actions which will work to serve the social welfare interests of
individuals, agencies, and groups in/or serving the Afrikan ancestry
To study, practice, research and perpetuate Afrikan-centered social work
as indicated in the National Association of Black Social Workers' 
Afrikan-centered Social Work Academy.